Hippie Butter Welcomes Back Hemp Seed Favorites

Salted Toasted Hemp Seeds & Roasted Hemp Seed Coffee Line Shelves Again...

Dallas, Texas, July 24, 2014 -- Brad Ervin, Chief Hemp Officer of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Food Products, welcomes back customer favorites, Salted Toasted Hemp Seeds and Roasted Hemp Seed Coffee, to his inventory at www.hippiebutter.com.  Ervin reports, “We ran out-of-stock due to the high demand from our loyal customers. Now we’re fully stocked and ready to ship orders on July 5th, 2014. Our legal, healthy and delicious hemp seed products are good for the whole family and are great nut and dairy alternatives,” Brad Ervin notes.
Ervin continues, “Seasoned with sea salt, Hippie Butter Salted Toasted Hemp Seeds are crunchy, delicious and nutritious with a taste similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts. You can eat our hemp seeds straight from the bag, or shake, sprinkle, bake and grind into your favorite recipes.”

“Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Coffee is the glorious result of our perfected process of blending roasted hemp seeds with roasted, organic, Fair-Trade Mexican coffee beans to produce a premium, delicious, full-flavored hemp seed coffee that doesn't leave a bitter after-taste,” Ervin ends.

Hemp seed foods are renewable, sustainable and contain the highest levels of easily-digestible protein of any plant source and the perfect ratio of 3:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFAs. Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Products are non-GMO, non-irradiated, non-allergenic, THC-free, pesticide-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, Kosher and Vegan-Certified.
Hippie Butter offers hemp seed food products that include, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Salted Toasted Hemp Seeds,  Hemp Seed Flour, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Oil,  Hemp Seed Coffee, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Butter, and Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter. Hippie Butter also carries a line of Hemp Seed Skin Care Products.

About Hippie Butter

buy-now-free-gift.png Hippie Butter was founded by Brad and Melete Ervin after Brad discovered the nutritional benefits of hemp seeds while touring with leading rock and roll acts as a sound engineer. He is a former chef who welcomed the opportunity to share this “superfood” and his innovative recipes with friends. The demand for Brad’s hemp seed products led to the formation of Hippie Butter, L.L.C., which is enjoying rapid growth and currently exploring seed funding.

About the Hippie Butter Website
www.hippiebutter.com is a secure interactive site that offers a full-­line of premier, gourmet hemp seed products and provides visitors with information on hemp, its history, recipes and “Cooking with Hemp” instructional videos. With vision and vitality, Hippie Butter's mission is to make the world a better place for all people through the sale of its hemp seed “superfoods,” its trademarked hemp seed character and groovy tag-line, Peace, Love & Hippie Butter!

For more information about Hippie Butter or to schedule an interview, please call 972-354-4504 or Email brad@hippiebutter.com. Website www.hippiebutter.com.  FB http://facebook.com/hippiebutterhempseeds Twitter  http://twitter.com/hippiebutter