Hippie Butter Launches New Website for Hemp Seeds

Hippie Butter Launches New Website for Hemp Seed Food and Skin Care Products
Accomplished Chef/Renowned Sound Engineer Makes Good on His Hemp Seed Dreams

Texas, September 12, 2011/PRNewswire/--Accomplished chef and renowned Sound Engineer, Brad Ervin, announces the launch of his new “dream” hemp seed website, www.hippiebutter.com dedicated to procuring, testing and promoting the natural goodness and healthy benefits of hemp seeds. Hippie Butter’s new, interactive website includes hemp seed food and beauty products as well as educational information and videos about hemp seeds, their history and health benefits as well as easy, step-by-step cooking videos demonstrating how to include the nutritious and nutty flavors of hemp seeds into favorite family recipes..

“It’s important for the health-conscious consumer to know that hemp seeds are high protein seeds, THC-free and gluten-free and contain all nine of the essential amino acids as well as high amounts of “good” fatty acids, fiber, Vitamin E and important trace minerals.” said Ervin.

Ervin added, “Hemp seeds have a great, nutty flavor similar to sunflower seeds and are considered by leading food and drug researchers to be one of the most nutritious super-foods on the planet. Eating hemp seeds in any form can aid, if not heal, those suffering from immune deficiency diseases as well as other life threatening illnesses.”

“Hippie Butter is a 24/7 mom-and-pop business: my wife and I answer the phones, take orders and ship the same day we receive orders. I guess you can say that we’re the Happy Hippies of Hippie Butter.” Ervin ended.