Hippie Butter Introduces Cacao Hemp Seed Butter

Hippie Butter Introduces Raw-Gourmet Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter
Delicious Cacao Hemp Seed Butter Helps Reverse Heart Disease & Lower Blood Pressure.

(Press Release) - Dallas, Texas,--Hippie Butter’s CHO (Chief Hemp Officer), Brad Irvin, announces the release of his newest gourmet hemp seed product, Hippie Butter Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter , available immediately online at www.hippiebutter.com. 

Brad reports, “We knew we were onto something really great during the preliminary taste-tests of our Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter: all of our customer “tasters” wanted their own jars...immediately. We’re thrilled and encouraged by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to our organic hemp seed products. Now we’re ready to offer our delicious gourmet Hippie Butter Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter  online and to grocery and health food stores.”

Our mission is to educate consumers about the incredible health benefits of hemp seeds and raw cacao. Dr. Oz calls these “superfoods.” Our vegan-friendly, 100% organic hemp seeds are high in protein and fiber. They contain ten essential amino acids and provide the perfect balance of “Sea-Free” Omegas 3, 6 and 9.  Our unprocessed, organic dark cacao is the highest whole-food source of magnesium. This cacao contains antioxidants clinically proven to help reverse heart disease and lower blood pressure,” Ervin ends.

Hippie Butter Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter  can be melted and poured over fruit, ice-cream, toast, and waffles. Add it to smoothies and trail mix or eat it straight from the jar. Organic Cacao Hemp Seed Butter is the newest addition to Hippie Butter’s line of delicious gourmet hemp seed food products: Hippie Hemp Seed Butter, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Toasted Hemp Seeds, Hemp Seed Flour, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Coffee. Hippie Butter also offers a line of hemp seed bath and body products.