Hemp Seed FAQ

Q) Are products made out of hemp seeds legal?

     A) YES!, products made out of hemp seeds are legal in over 35 countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and France. Hemp seed (non-viable), hemp seed oil and hemp derivatives can be legally imported, sold and consumed in the USA.

DEA Hemp Food Rules

Q) Will hemp seeds products get me high?

     A) NO! Absolutely not. The trace levels of THC present in hemp derivatives do not provide anywhere near the potency (percentage of THC by weight) required to give the consumer a drug high.

Q) Will I fail a drug test if I eat or use hemp seed products?

     A) NO! Recently, several studies have shown that based on the trace levels of THC present in today's hemp seed food and hemp skin care products, that the chances of being tested and obtaining a "false" positive drug test is very unlikely (just about impossible!).

Q) How can I order wholesale quantities of Hippie Butter's products?

     A) See Wholesale Prices or call us at 972-354-4504.

Q) Does Hippie Butter Drop Ship orders?

     A) Yes we do drop ship orders for qualified companies. See Drop Shipping or call us at 972-354-4504.

Q) Does Hippie Butter have an Affiliate Program?

     A) Click here to Become an Affiliate.

Q) Why is hemp seed oil so important for skin care?

     A) The EFA linoleic acid found in Hemp seed oil, and its metabolite gamma-linolenic acid, has proven to have most beneficial therapeutic effects on the skin. Hemp seed oil contains 50%-60% linoleic acid and also contains GLA. The profile of the EFA found in Hemp seed closely resembles the skin's natural lipids, and therefore neutralizes the effects of dehydration, and thereby protects against dry skin. 

Q) What do hemp seeds taste like?

     A)Hemp seeds have a wonderful "nutty" flavor similar to sunflower seeds or walnuts. Hemp seed oil is "emerald green" in color, with a very light, nutty flavor.

Q) Tell me more about Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds Products.

     A) All our products are GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Herbicide & Pesticide Free, Peanut Free, Vegetarian Approved, Kosher, No THC and Tryspin Inhibitor Free.

Q) Are Hippie Butter products available in Canada?

     A) Yes, Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds ships to Canada almost everyday. We charge a $25.00 shipping & handling fee to cover the extra cost of shipping.

Q) Do you know where I can buy viable hemp seeds that will germinate?

     A) No, we don't. Just asking us opens all of us up to possible conspiracy charges under 21 U.S.C. § 846, which is part of the Controlled Substances Act, so please stop asking. You may not buy hemp seed capable of germination for planting in the U.S. without a permit.

Q) How do I get a free gift?

     A) Spend $50.00 or more and we'll add a free Hippie Butter gift to your order.

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