Hemp for the Holidays: 8 Awesome Hemp Gift Basket Ideas

Posted by Brad on 5th Dec 2018

Hemp for the Holidays: 8 Awesome Hemp Gift Basket Ideas

Hemp is a natural product that has been used by civilization for thousands of years, with its first man-made uses originating back to Turkey eight thousand years ago. Its products are legal in the United States but haven't been since permits to grow it were canceled after World War II. But recent changes in Congress are ensuring that this product can be used in a multitude of ways, from improving the health to the environment. Discover how to bring hemp for the holidays with these amazing hemp gift basket ideas.

The Beauty of Versatility in Hemp Gift Basket Ideas

It's hard to imagine a product as versatile as hemp. It can be used in everything from clothing to food, and even paper! Hemp paper itself, for example, is said to be so superior to other paper that it doesn't even yellow after hundreds of years time.

Hemp was even considered by Henry Ford when he was wondering what to do for fuel in his new-fangled machine we know as the automobile today. Today, automobile manufacturers are still using hemp fibers in cars, but in construction panels and not as fuel in this day and age.

Now, hemp is used in almost any product that you want to use to feel better about yourself. That's why hemp gift baskets will be a beautiful treat for any hippie or health nut on your list.

1. Tea Time for Hemp Lovers

As the temperature dips, many recipients on our lists that are tea lovers are going to be turning to the cupboard for something both warm and healthy. That's hemp coffee for some, and tea for others.

Hemp tea can be made by diffusing hemp seeds in a tea infuser, or by purchasing hemp tea bags at your local hemp store. Make it a hemp gift basket by adding an adorable kettle or pot, or coffee mug for the java drinkers on your list.

2. Cleanliness is Next to Hemp-iness

Hemp has been used in cleaning products for years, and there are a number of ways you can give the gift of hemp clean without being insulting. From hemp soaps to hemp spa care gift baskets, there are a number of ways to give the gift of hemp clean.

Hemp soaps can be infused with a variety of elegant scents for the bath lover on your list. We all have one! Hemp soaps are often made with a cold-processed method which is healthier for you and your planet.

3. Hemp Skin Care

There are as many options for hemp skin care as there are for other forms of skin care products. Hemp skin care can be used for bathing, massage, or for just healing those problem areas.

A hemp skin care bundle works magic on the skin for the self-care indulgences on your list. Put together a little hemp skin care bundle and you've got yourself the easiest hemp gift basket ever.

4. Did Someone Say Chocolate and Butter?

Speaking of indulgences, imagine a holiday season without them. For every holiday recipe there is butter, and for many holiday recipes, there is chocolate.

Now with hemp you can have both of your favorite things in one delicious chocolate butter combo.

Hemp seed butter is a very common product in the versatile hemp product family and can be used on toast and crackers to salad dressings and marinades. But the hemp product line also has something that regular butter does not - chocolate.

Cacao hemp seed butter is a treat you won't mind giving your kids or giving away for the holidays. It's one of the most ingenious hemp gift basket ideas yet.

5. Hemp Hair Care

It's no secret that natural products are always the healthiest products when it comes to our locks. If you have that one person on your list that is hair healthy conscious, you may want to consider hemp hair care.

Hemp hair care will treat your recipient's hair in a way that they will never want to use other products again. Hemp seed oil hair care has a way of bringing dull locks back to life, no matter how bad the situation can be.

6. Hemp for Lovers

If you've been looking for that perfect gift for the lover on your list, there's a hemp product for that. Hemp massage oil is the perfect addition to any hemp gift basket and can be added with any romantic treat you like.

Make love not war when you are indulging your favorite person with something romantic, and healthy this holiday season.

7. Clothing Gifts for the Happy Hippie

Hemp use in textiles has been in use for centuries. The first Levi jeans were reportedly created from hemp textiles so that Californian gold miners could work effectively in a product that would last.

But not only are hemp clothing ideas great for the hippie on your list, but hemp clothing ideas that express the love for hemp make for socially conscious gifts as well.

From happy hippie t-shirts to "make American grow hemp again" hats, hemp clothing makes for amazing hemp gift basket ideas.

8. Make it a Baker's Dozen

Do you have a baker on your list? Included in the versatile line of hemp products is hemp flour. This is a product that is formed after crushing hemp seeds for their oil.

Hemp flour can be used in any recipe by simply halving the amount of flour used. It's a gluten-free choice as well which is something every trendy baker today is looking for. Add some unique kitchen gadgets to this hemp gift basket and you'll make it a baker's dozen for your favorite kitchenista.

When in Doubt Go Gift Certificate Route

The beauty of hemp lies in the fact that its manufacturing is environmentally friendly, and it's a healthy product to use. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. If Henry Ford can consider it as fuel, and you can too with hemp coffee, that means there's an abundance of hemp gift ideas for everyone on your list.

But if you aren't sure, there are ways to give hemp but let the recipient take control as well. When in doubt, go the hemp gift certificate route. Buy hemp gift certificates today and those thoughts will become the best hemp gift basket ideas on your list.