Hemp for Dogs: Amazing Hemp Treats for Your Pet

Posted by Harmony on 10th Oct 2018

Hemp for Dogs: Amazing Hemp Treats for Your Pet

Dogs are part of the family of six in every 10 U.S. households. That goes to show how us humans love our pawed pals so much. In fact, a study found that some folks out there love their dogs more than they do other people!

No wonder then, that pet spending in the country totaled $69.51 billion in 2017. From vet checkups to food to treats to toys, there's a lot of things we spend money on to make our pets happy and healthy.

Which is why you're now wondering if hemp for dogs is something you should add to your to-buy list. You've heard of it from other people, but you're wary since it comes from the cannabis plant.

There's no need to worry. Hemp products for dogs aren't only safe - they also bring so many health benefits. That's exactly what we'll cover in this post, so keep reading!

Suitability and Safety of Hemp for Dogs

First things first: Let's get the facts out on the safety of hemp for animals.

PubMed alone has references to more than 20,000 published studies on cannabis. That should tell you how extensively-researched this plant is. After all, it shows so much medicinal potential for treating a wide array of health problems.

Many of these studies surround CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These are two of the 113 cannabinoids that the cannabis plant contains. It's these chemical compounds we have to thank for the plant's medicinal properties.

In case you're wondering, it's the THC cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties. CBD doesn't, although CBD products may still contain trace amount of THC. That's because CBD used in these products still come from the cannabis plant.

So, what about hemp-based products? Researchers say that hemp seeds contain almost no THC. The same goes true for other derivatives of the plant, including hemp seed meal, hemp seed oil, and hemp flour. Toxicity isn't a problem either since hemp contains so little THC.

No wonder then that all these hemp-extracted products are now used in animal feed!

That should then answer your question, "Is hemp suitable for dogs?". In fact, it should be more about "What can hemp not do?", since the plant contains so many beneficial nutrients.

In any case, there are plenty of hemp products that both you and your furry friend are sure to love. So, let's get this list started!

Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are more like hemp users' term of endearment for hemp seeds. After all, there's so much to love about these nuts, the first being they're one of the best superfoods out there. It also doesn't hurt that they taste awesome, boasting a mild, nutty flavor.

Two of the most notable nutrient contents of hemp seeds are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The seeds' omega oil content, according to researchers, is "optimal for human health". But like us, dogs need these fatty acids too.

First off, because these fats provide a good source of energy. They also help in the absorption of essential vitamins, including A, D, E, and K among others. Plus, they handle hormone control, as well as influence the body's inflammation responses.

Hemp seeds are also a great source of edestin and albumin, two types of exceptional proteins. Both contain all essential amino acids in considerable amounts.

There's also the calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc (among many others) content of hemp hearts. All these are essential to your dog's health, helping him/her live healthier and longer! Best of all, they're good for you too, so make sure you also include hemp seeds in your diet.

Hemp Seed Oil

As the name suggests, hemp seed oil is an oil derived from hemp hearts. It offers much of the same benefits that the actual seeds do. The great thing about hemp-based oil is that it's versatile, so you can use it for many different recipes.

Also, hemp oil is a great way to make your and your dogs' meals varied. Plus, its nutritional content, particularly Omega-6, can help ease pain and inflammation.

In arthritic dogs, this can be a great supplement and pain-reliever. By adding some hemp oil to your dog's meals, you can help him/her get back to being active.

Hemp Seed Butter

Like hemp oil, hemp butter is also an extract from hemp seeds. Not only is it versatile like the oil version; it's also quite easy to make at home! That's right - you can make your own hemp butter or even peanut butter with hemp hearts!

There are many ways to share the goodness and benefits of hemp butter to your dog, although you can eat it as is. To make it even more enjoyable for you and your four-legged family member, try baked hemp recipes.

Hemp Seed Flour-Based Treats

Speaking of baked hemp recipes, you can make dog treats using hemp flour and your home-made butter!

One of the best dog treat recipes to make at home is the peanut butter and hemp seed cookie recipe. You can substitute the all-purpose flour for either whole wheat or hemp flour. If you haven't made hemp peanut butter yet, you can buy the chunky kind for an even better texture.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein, like everything else in this list, comes from the heart (haha) of the cannabis plant. They're in powder form, so you can add it to your dog's meals or beverages and even treats. Since essentially, they come from hemp hearts, they contain the same health-beneficial nutrients.

Hemp protein can give your doggo's coat a healthier, more beautiful shine. It can also help with weight control, while also boosting your pal's immune system.

Hemp Shampoo

Haven't tried hemp-based shampoo yet? If so, then you and your dog are missing out on its deep cleaning and strengthening power!

That's right. High-quality hemp shampoo contains high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This mix serves three functions in one.

First, it gives the hair a deep cleaning while also conditioning it. The fatty acids also help repair damaged hair, making every strand stronger.

So, go and have a spa-like treatment at home with your dog! Get one of these hemp-based beauty products now to see for yourself the difference it can make. Not only on your hair but your dog's skin and coat too.

Hemp is a Superfood You Wouldn't Want to Miss Out On

With quite the number of studies supporting hemp's health benefits, it's time you give hemp products a try. In fact, it would be unfair not to let your pawed pal enjoy them.

The bottom line is, hemp for dogs are as beneficial as hemp for humans. So, as early as now, start stocking up on hemp hearts that you can make a lot of tasty and nutritious meals from.

Still curious about how hemp can help you and your furry family member? Then head over to our blog! We've got more insider info waiting for you there.