Hemp Farming: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Posted by Brad on 4th Dec 2018

Hemp Farming: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Although she was well-versed in the treatment side of hemp oil, Poehnelt stated she didn't understand the first thing about growing the crop.

MARSHFIELD-- Despite the trials and adversities of growing hemp, Taylor County farmer  Misty Poehnelt states she's happy she has made the most of the opportunity.

" I have a chemical level of sensitivities and so being chemical-free was actually crucial to us. Hemp is also a sustainable crop that requires little to no pesticides and herbicides, uses less water and can be utilized for soil remediation. It was really essential to us as a household to deliver a top quality item that matched these worths," she said.

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When the opportunity to be a part of the Wisconsin hemp pilot program came, Poehnelt and her spouse chose to try growing the traditional crop on one acre of their land. She said her background in natural therapies and hemp's connection to  cannabidiol, or CBD, oil was the driving force behind their ultimate choice to end up being growers.

Despite the late start getting their fields planted, Poehnelt said they had plenty of hemp oil to use personally, to share with those who assisted them and to offer. That is what everyone desires to know," she stated.

" We didn't recognize just how much area these plants take when we collect, so we needed to produce drying rooms and needed to do them in numerous batches," she stated.

The plants were treated for many weeks and after that position in a little, heated press that drew out the terpenes and  phytocannabinoids without using solvents. Regardless of the late start getting their fields planted, Poehnelt stated they had plenty of hemp oil to use personally, to show those who helped them and to offer. They presently use the oil to make flour-based foods and skin salves, to name a few things, however, want to set up an industrial kitchen area quickly so they can make other items.

Their hemp was grown on soil that had been chemical-free for more than a years, something that was actually important to the Poehnelts.

While they dealt with numerous difficulties the first year, the Poehnelts said they are glad they delved into the market, and they encourage others considering it to do the same.

" You desire an airtight container to treat them in, and you need to check your humidity levels the whole time. The suitable is 62 percent. You can likewise use these neat humidity bags that will include or take away humidity to keep the plants at the right level," she stated.

The family, whose company is called  Black River Hemp Company, wishes to broaden production this next year and renovate their barn haymow into a drying space. Their strategy is to continue to construct this company and someday be able to pass it on to their 2 young children.

A few of their seeds were begun in a greenhouse, while others grew in the trays outside. Poehnelt stated the massive feature of growing hemp seeds in a greenhouse is they do not like a great deal of sun and heat-- things that they found hard to manage in their greenhouses.

" The opportunity to grow (hemp) is something that we have actually waited for a long period," Poehnelt stated Nov. 17 at the Central Wisconsin Hemp Expo in Marshfield. " Growing hemp was an opportunity we had thought about years ago when we initially bought our hobby farm."

Poehnelt said that although the whole process is costly and labor-intensive, one of the significant costs to bear in mind is the screening required at each step of the process.

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" It is $250 to check each variety that you grow. Then, you need to have your items evaluated since you require to know your CBD material if you wish to cost market. That is what everyone needs to know," she said.

They utilized dehumidifiers to assist dry the plants down, working hard to manage the humidity to avoid having the plants catch mold. As soon as the plants are dried down substantially, which can take anywhere from 5 days to two weeks, Poehnelt stated, they are positioned in totes to treat.

You can also utilize these cool humidity bags that will take or add away humidity to keep the plants at the best level," she said.

Through the grower's conference, Poehnelt also was able to discover where to purchase seed, where to get it processed and network with other growers. She then did a lot of research study on how to plant the seeds, using "The Cannabis Grow Bible" as a resource. She found that 280-cell trays would work to start her seeds and, in addition to her spouse, they planted about 1,800 seeds.

" A lot of people lost their whole crops to the rain we got in June, so us not planting until August I think conserved us. Our plants looked actually healthy," she said.

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" If you don't understand what you are doing, just begin. We didn't know what we are doing, however, we did it," she stated. "There were several times throughout the whole process that we almost surrendered since it is lengthy and it costs a great deal of loan, but we stuck it out, and it ends up we didn't do too bad."

" The seed cells are actually little, but it enables you to save space when you are starting a lot and growing of seeds. Transplanting was very labor-intensive, too, cutting each plant out of those cells without damaging it and trying to transplant it," she stated.

We didn't understand what we are doing, however, we did it," she stated.

In August, the household was able to utilize a water wheel to get their plants into the ground, much later on than they would have liked, however, something that eventually worked in their favor.

" Now you are looking at there were 1,800 plants seeded and you are just going to get 450 plants if you are fortunate," she stated.

" I am a type of a serial killer when it comes to plants; I can't even keep a home plant alive," she said. "I went to the growers' conference last spring, and without going to that conference, I do not think I would have had the self-confidence to progress with this crop, especially with the political turmoil that occurs with it."

In October, Poehnelt, her spouse and a couple of family and friends started  harvesting the hemp by hand and hanging them to dry.

" We yap about snake oils and natural treatments that treat all but are not really real. Well,  CBD is the exception. This plant is truly remarkable," Poehnelt stated.


Of the 1,800 seeds that were planted, Poehnelt stated that 50 percent of them will be male and will ultimately have to be pulled from the fields to prevent the female plants from going to seed. She then got a call from her seed supplier, who said the seed had a low germination rate.

It was actually crucial to us as a family to provide a top quality item that matched these worths," she stated.