Hemp a Nutritious, Safe Ingredient to Enjoy During Pregnancy

Posted by Mellow Mel on 29th Apr 2019

Hemp a Nutritious, Safe Ingredient to Enjoy During Pregnancy

It is no wonder why in a recent national survey on top new health trends hemp made it to the top five of the list. Found in everything from crisp waffles to smooth nut butters, and even coffee, hemp is an ideal and safe food to consume during pregnancy for two main factors. The first, is its high quotient of Omega-3 essential fatty acids,which are key for the visual and cognitive development of the developing fetus. The second, is that it is fiber rich, thus being a useful aid to keep pregnancy-related constipation at bay. The key to consuming hemp in an optimal way is to check out what daily totals of these ingredients you should be aiming for, and to take hemp as part of a well-rounded diet that includes these ingredients from other sources.

Hemp to Boost Your Omega-3 Intake during Pregnancy

Study after study has shown that consuming healthy levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acids is related to longer gestational (i.e. lower preterm) birth rates. One study from Denmark found that high-risk pregnant women who consumed less than 150mg of Omega-3s were at the highest risk of delivering a baby prematurely. Healthy Omega-3 intake, on the contrary, lowers the risk of preeclampsia and low birth weight. The Western diet is known to be deficient in Omega-3s, so sourcing these fats from hemp products and other key foods such as fatty fish and cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, is key. Your doctor may also recommend supplementation, so you can meet the recommended 300mg of DHA Omega-3s (these fatty acids support brain, eye, and central nervous system health) daily. At midday, if you are feeling pecking, spread a little Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter or Cacao Hemp Seed Butter on a piece of wholegrain toast. In the afternoon, nibble on a square of two of a Vegan Dark Chocolate Hemp Seed Bar or enjoy a steaming cup of hemp coffee.

Is Hemp Coffee Safe?

The list of substances pregnant women should avoid is limited, but important to follow strictly. It includes specific medications (such as tetracycline and chloromycetin) and raw meat and fish (which can potentially cause conditions like toxoplasmosis). Some foods and beverages, like coffee, can be enjoyed in moderation. The American College of Obstetricians recommends that you limit your caffeine intake to 200mg per day. That is around one small cup so enjoy (and treasure) a cup of Hippie Butter Gourmet Hemp Seed Coffee during moments in your day when you most need a ‘pick-me-up’.

Hemp as Part of Your Daily Protein Intake

According to American Pregnancy, pregnant women should aim to take between 75 and 100 grams of protein daily. In the morning, you might want to enjoy a  refreshing smoothie, combining your favorite fruits with one serving of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Protein Powder - which contains 16 grams of protein. Pop in around 100 grams of yoghurt in your blender as well, and your smoothie will contain an additional 10 grams of protein. That makes a power-packed breakfast, with a quarter of your daily protein intake taken care of.

We have mentioned just two important nutrients hemps contains that can make it a fantastic ally to have on your side during pregnancy. Omega-3s and protein are just two of the many good things found in hemp products. Of course, the magic doesn’t necessarily have to end with food. You can also use  Hemp Seed Massage Oil as a wonderful way to pamper yourself and keep skin in the belly and breast areas well hydrated and supple.