Chocolate Hemp Seed Pudding Recipe

Brad the Chief Hemp Officer of Hippie Butter shows how to make Chocolate Hemp Seed Pudding using Pudding Mix, Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Protein Powder and Milk.

Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Brad from Hippie Butter. Welcome to Cooking with Hemp Seeds. Today where making a chocolate pudding with hippie butter hemp seed protein powder in it.

This is the best thing or one of the best things for you after a workout, bicycling, hiking trip, camping it taste great and everybody loves it and easy to make.

Start off with 2 cups of milk, whatever milk you enjoy to use put it in a little pan and heat up on medium. Now where going to add chocolate pudding, you can use butterscotch, you can use vanilla, you can use your favorite pudding flavor. You can use instant we like cook and serve. Stir that up. Now all hippie butter hemp seed products are THC free, so they will not get you high, they will not show up on a drug test, they will only help your heart, help your immune system, give you extra energy, amino acids and they help you with Omega 3, Omega 6 and GLA.

Now when you add the protein powder, I like to do about a heaping scoop, Tablespoon I mean. So 1 Tablespoon is good and what you want to do is add that really slow so it mixes in nice and even. It helps if its already warmed up. Now hemp seeds have all 8 amino acids that adults need and the two amino acids children need.

Hemp Seeds are the only seeds that have that. Mmmm that smells good. Now you just have to constantly stir so that the bottom of the pudding doesn't burn. We're going to wait for this to come to a full boil and then we're going to pour it into four cups. Each one will be a perfect serving for somebody for their daily need of hemp seeds. The pudding is starting to get nice and thick. I'm just waiting for it to come a boil. It actually taste just like chocolate pudding with a hint of walnut or sunflower seed to it.

I mean you barely taste it and it is so good for you. We're almost there. I saw it bubble just a second ago. We're going to let this cool and then we're going to enjoy. Thank You for watching Cooking with Hemp Seeds with Brad from Hippie Butter

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