Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds Seeking Qualified Investors

Posted by Hippie Butter on 20th Apr 2014

Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds Seeking Qualified Investors

Hippie Butter is Seeking Qualified Investors Who Love Hemp's Health and Eco-Benefits and Want to Join Us in Building our Hempire!

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Hippie Butter Does Hemp Better!

We sell legal, nutritious, delicious gourmet hemp seed food and skin care products for the entire family. Recently described as "superfoods" by Dr. Oz, hemp seeds are satisfyingly nutty - a tasty combination of sunflower seeds and pine nuts. Hemp seeds - the ideal dairy and nut alternative - provide the most potent, easily digestible protein of any plant source and contain the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFAs, vitamins and minerals. We take great care in procuring, promoting, and providing the widest variety of premier hemp seed foods available; our competitors can't match us in scope, quality, or product lines.

Food Products - Our current non-GMO, vegan-certified hemp seed food products include: hulled and toasted seeds, flour, protein powder, seed oil, coffee, hemp seed butter, cacao/hemp seed butter, and 83% dark chocolate bars made with toasted and hulled seeds.

Skin Care - Our hemp seed skin care line includes body lotion, massage oil, moisturizing cream, and soap.

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