8 Unique Ways to Wear Clothes Made From Hemp

Posted by Harmony on 6th Jul 2018

8 Unique Ways to Wear Clothes Made From Hemp

Clothes made from hemp have a special sort of feel to them. Not only do they fit comfortably on the body and provide amazing breathability, but when you choose this over fabrics like cotton or polyester, you know you're doing good for the planet.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there. It lasts a really long time when you know how to take care of it, reducing how much you need to add to the overall consumption (and waste!) in the fashion industry. More so, it's grown without pesticides and provides all kinds of styling options.

If you've never bought any clothes made from hemp before, or you're looking to add more hemp styles into your wardrobe, check out these 8 awesome ways you can wear hemp clothing.

1. As Casual Everyday Attire

No matter what your personal fashion style is, everyone needs casual clothes. You know, the stuff you throw on when you need to head to the grocery store or run multiple errands in one day.

Casual attire is a must for all hipsters, minimal dressers, and even preppy people alike. We all have our moments when we don't feel like putting too much effort into how we look. Luckily, there are all kinds of hemp clothes available to make you feel great and look good enough for whatever casual plans you have.

2. After the Gym

Lots of people think athleisure and casual clothing go hand in hand. They're not entirely wrong, but, you can save your gym clothes for when you actually go to the gym. Then, when you're all done and sweaty from your workout, switch into hemp clothes to take on the rest of the day.

Hemp is amazing for a quick post-workout change. It's incredibly breathable and is great for wicking any excess sweat off your body, too. This makes you feel calm, cool and collected as you go to your next stop after the gym.

3. To the Office

What if you workout in the morning and have to go into work right away? You can't wear hemp to the office, can you? Newsflash - you totally can.

Guys, wear a hemp t-shirt as an undershirt if you really want to keep your sweaty underarms a secret. Ladies, don't be shy about donning a hemp blouse with a nice necklace for your desk job.

Of course, there are times when full suits and fancy blazers will be necessary, but everyday work attire can include hemp fashions if you want it to.

4. For Special Occasions

Going off the style mentioned above, there are ways you can make your hemp more dressed-up than dressed-down. This is especially true for special occasions - like wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and anniversary dinners.

Put on some flowy hemp pants with a pair of heels if you want to feel free and fun on your special night. Try on a skirt if you want to be a little more dressy or keep your laid-back style with a hemp blouse.

You don't always have to go all-out to dress the part for a fancy evening. However, a little bit of effort to find a more suitable hemp fashion will do you some good.

5. On Date Night

There are special occasions when you want to wow an entire room, then there are the times when you just want to impress one special person. Consider putting on clothes made from hemp for your upcoming date night.

These are great if you want to express how relaxed, yet sophisticated, you are. Hemp clothing allows you to be completely comfortable whether you're sitting at dinner, going dancing on the town, or standing around having a few drinks. Not to mention, they make you look absolutely beautiful if you're trying to take things up a notch.

6. To Lounge Around

Do you ever go out with your special someone one night, just to spend the next day curled up together and enjoying more of each others' time? If you're that kind of couple, you both need some hemp clothing.

Hemp is perfect for lazy days watching movies or doing absolutely nothing. They are lightweight enough for hot summer afternoons and you can layer them or purchase a thicker hemp item for when winter winds roll in.

You can't go wrong either way. Once you start wearing hemp around the house like this, you may never want to leave!

7. As the Ultimate Travel Outfit

Of course, you can't stay curled up in bed forever. You have people to see and things to do, and sometimes, places to go. If you have a long road trip or a flight coming up, make sure hemp clothing is part of your travel outfit.

Wearing hemp pants while traveling is one of the smartest things you can do. The fabric keeps you from getting too hot and covers you from being too cold, too.

It's perfect if you're the type to get cold in an airplane but you know you're going to land somewhere that it's really hot outside. Not to mention, taking hemp clothing with you on a trip provides all kinds of easy styling options while you're away!

8. By Wearing Fun Hemp Accessories

Here's one more style variation to consider: hemp accessories. Hemp clothing doesn't stop at tops and bottoms. There are all kinds of beautiful hemp dresses out there as well as scarves, woven bracelets, and fun necklaces.

If you see any of these accessories while you're shopping for new hemp fashions, get a few for yourself. You can wear them with your hemp clothes or garments made of other materials. They go perfectly with everyday outfits and occasions when you need to dress up, too.

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