8 Awesome Exercises for Seniors to Improve Their Strength

Posted by James on 7th May 2019

8 Awesome Exercises for Seniors to Improve Their Strength

It has been recorded that one of the causes of accidents and deaths among older people is a balance issue. As you age, you are becoming more vulnerable and more prone to slips and falls. But you do not have to feel sorry for yourself because there are different ways on how you can improve your strength and your balance. You can be more confident as you move around and walk.

There are Alzheimer’s care homes for seniors that are providing care for older individuals. These senior assisted living homes and facilities are also encouraging healthy lifestyles for their clients. It is very important for people to exercise and make it a habit to have an active lifestyle. Aside from proper diet and enough sleep, you need to move around to achieve a healthier and stronger body. According to Dr James Kojian here are the following ways exercise help you improve your strength, here are some awesome exercises that you can do:

Single Limb Stance

This is a simple balance exercise that you can do to enhance the strength of your feet and your balance. First, you need to get a steady and heavy chair to aid you with this exercise. Do not get a chair with wheels on it. Stand behind the chair and hold onto it. Now you’re ready to lift your right foot forward. Do this while you are balancing with your left food. Stay in that position for as long as you can. Switch to the other feet. After that, you can also try standing on one foot without the assistance of the chair. Do this for a minute and you will certainly realize how helpful this exercise in maintaining your balance.

Lying Hip Bridges

If you are spending a lot of time sitting down, you will certainly experience hip problems. With this, it is very important for you to consider an exercise that will aid in loosening your tight hips. Start by lying flat on the floor. Bend your knees but make sure to keep your feet flat on the floor. Now, you are ready to squeeze your bum as you push your hips upwards. Push through your feet until you feel outward pressure on your toes. Lastly, slowly lower your hips and start again.

Back Leg Raises

This exercise targets your lower back and your bottom. This is why it is perfect for seniors. You will need a stable chair for this. Both your feet should be straight and you should be standing uprightly. First, slowly lift one foot straight backward. Remain in that position for a second and gently put your leg back down. Repeat it 10 to 15 times for every leg. Consider doing this exercise regularly for better results.

Wall Push-ups

Whoever said that senior citizens cannot do push-ups is lying. Even with this age, you will still be able to push and exercise with this modified version of push-ups. Stand in front of a wall; make sure that there are no wall decors and paintings in front of you. Do not stand in front of a window or a door. Your distance from the wall should be an arm’s length. Lean forward and put your arms forward. Your palms should be flat on the wall. With your feet flat on the floor, bring your body forward towards the wall. Now, push yourself back gently as you maintain your arms straight. Do these twenty times to get the maximum benefit of the exercise.

Balancing Wand

This exercise can be done even if you are sitting. All you need is a stick or a cane to help you complete the workout. If you do not have any, you can use the handle of a broomstick. Just make sure that the head is removed before you begin with the exercise. To start with, hold the bottom of the stick flat on the palm of your hand. Keep the stick upright for as long as you can. This way, you will be able to maintain your balance skills. Do the same thing on your other hand. This way, you will be able to exercise and maintain your balancing skills on both sides.

Quadruped Opposite Arm and Leg Balance

This is a great exercise to improve your balance and coordination. It is also great in maintaining the strength of the back and your abdominals. To start with, you should get on the floor on fours. Your hands must be under your shoulders and your knees should also be positioned under the hips. You have to maintain a flat back and tight abdominals. Now, reach one of your hands straight in front of the shoulder. While doing this, lift your opposite foot behind your hip. Count to three and slowly lower your hand and foot. Do the same on the opposite side.

Hand and Finger Exercises

The goal of this exercise is to improve your flexibility. You can do this while you are seated. Pretend that there is a wall or a barrier in front of you and let your fingers climb that invisible wall until you reach the level above your head. Now, wiggle your fingers for 10 seconds and then let them crawl back down. After this exercise, you can do the second part. Put your right hand behind your back and let your left hand reach it. Remain in that position for 10 seconds.

Dead Bugs

The main point of this exercise is to strengthen your core and to help you achieve greater balance. For this, you start by lying down on your back. Now, lift your hands and feet to the air. Your knees should be on a bending position. After making sure that you are in the right position, slowly put down your right hand and your left foot to the ground. Now, lift them up slowly again. Repeat on the opposite side.


Your health and your strength depending on what you do every day. If you want to maintain a healthy and fit body even as you age, you should exercise regularly