6 Ingredients You Should Never Find In High Quality Protein Powder

Posted by Anna S on 27th Jul 2019

6 Ingredients You Should Never Find In High Quality Protein Powder

For people who are fitness lovers, or more like the ones who just want a muscular lean body, a protein powder holds immense importance. People with their own beliefs and views have been long arguing if protein powders are safe or not and the probable answer to it, obtained in a great percentage now, is ‘’yes’’. However, not all protein powders are genuine and should be trusted upon. Moreover, taking protein powders in more than the recommended amount has also shown different negative impacts upon the body such as kidney and liver issues. 

Understanding why body builders recommend the use of a protein supplement can be best understood by knowing why protein is essential for the human body and to be specific, for body builders and weight lifters. Proteins tend to build the muscle and repair the damaged muscle tissues, which means it helps to repair the body after exercises. Protein powders provide an additional nutrition to the body and not only for physical trainers and body builders, but protein powders can also help people who want to lose weight by making them feel fuller. Note: It is important to take the powder/supplement staying in the limit as prescribed by an expert. 


Yes, protein powders are beneficial and safe. But NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. yes, your expert can advise you with the powders and companies that are safe but nevertheless, you should do a little bit of your own research as well. No matter what powder has been suggested by your fitness trainer, be sure to turn it over and check what ingredients are present. 

Here are some ingredients that are considered as a ‘’red alert’’ for you and should always beware of these ingredients. 

1- Artificial Sweeteners 

Artificial sweeteners are always taken negatively especially when it comes to a topic related to ‘weight’. Artificial sweetener containing products are never preferred. Artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet and equal (etc.) are considered actually dangerous because the body just cannot digest them easily. Moreover, they also cause problems such as gastric issues, gain in weight and even headaches. So always choose a protein powder that does not contain a slightest hint of artificial sweetener in it. 

2- Gluten

Gluten accompanies with it inflammation in the body. And well, the bad news is, gluten des not only bring the elevation of inflammation, but it also causes problems such as headaches, skin breakouts, mood swings and so much more. All of these symptoms are dangerous, but most importantly and dangerously, gluten causes an imbalance in the hormones which can lead to countless issues. Therefore, be sure to never consume a powder which is enriched with gluten. 

3- Milk Solids

Milk solids are usually present in powders that are of poor quality. Causing gastrointestinal distress along with problems such as constipation and bloating, milk solids are used a very cheap agent used for the purpose of bulking. Milk solids are therefore categorized as dangerous for the body and therefore, one should beware of them. 

4- Substances Used As Fillers

Many people do not know this, but manufacturers do a little bit of saving by the use of fillers. Now the purpose of fillers is to bulk the protein up. Always look out for the kind of fillers present. Fillers such as, psyllium can lead to bloating and other gastric issues. 

5- Thickening Agents

Thickening agents or gums are usually made from corn which tend to cause gas. The word ‘’gums’’ are taken literally simply because they tend to act like something indigestible for the body. Therefore, they are hard for the digestive system. 

6- Additional Fibers

Fibers again, act as fillers. People with a sensitive digestive system might hate the additional fibers because of their dangers and adverse effects especially on such people. Again, causes bloating and indigestion. Therefore, it is preferred that your protein powders must contain minimal additional ingredients. 

Apart from this, other ingredients such as dextrin, soy proteins and vegetables oils and fats also prove to be highly dangerous for the body of an individual. They can cause thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, bloating, gastric stress and so much more. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and better to do a little effort researching for things before regretting the long term outcomes which might make you feel sorry for your decision. 


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