5 Ways To Use Hemp Protein Powder That You Haven’t Tried Yet

Posted by Kurt Walker on 17th Aug 2019

5 Ways To Use Hemp Protein Powder That You Haven’t Tried Yet

Have you ever wondered what you can do with hemp protein powder? Hemp powder is a rich protein source that’s made out of whole hemp seeds. This means it retains most of the important nutrients found in hemp seeds and contains no additives such as processed fillers.

Hemp protein powder is very versatile. Most people recognize it due to its high amino acid content which makes it a great source of protein. Also, it’s rich in fiber therefore, it can be used as a recipe when preparing food and smoothies.

You can use the hemp protein powder in a variety of ways in the kitchen. It’s important for you to know some of the best ways to use hemp protein powder. Let’s discuss them.


According to custom paper writing service, hemp is among the best substitutes for flour. It can be used as a recipe when preparing a dish due to its fiber content. Hemp is mainly protein and has a rich nutty flavor. Although hemp seeds usually taste earthy, the protein has a unique flavor which can be blended easily with other ingredients for a delicious dessert-like brownies.

To prepare this delicious dessert, all you need to do is replace the flour you use regularly with cocoa powder and hemp protein. You are free to use any other ingredients you normally use when preparing brownies such as sweeteners and eggs.

Instead of making cooked brownies, you can prepare raw brownies with hemp protein powder and follow your normal method of preparation. It’s very easy to prepare raw brownies using three ingredients.

As custom writing reports, you can blend the protein with a few dried fruits of your choice, cocoa powder and some vanilla extract. Next, shape them into brownies and put them in a freezer for about ten minutes. Your brownies should be ready now. There are several different ways to prepare brownies that are worth trying next time.

Here's my favorite Brownie Recipe

Grain-Free Cereal

A research conducted by best paper writing services found out that one of the best things you can do with hemp protein powder is to consume it for breakfast in a grain-free cereal recipe. It is very easy to digest due to its simple nature and very filling. This means you won’t have to think about food again for a couple of hours. It also eliminates stomachaches which disturb most people especially in the morning.

All you need to do to prepare a free cereal dish is scoop about three tablespoons of hemp protein powder plus some coconut flour and a thickening powder. Coconut flour is rich in fiber and protein just like hemp protein powder.

Assignmentman.co.uk reports using a sweetener of your choice and spices such as ginger and cinnamon to name a few will make your breakfast sweeter. If you are conscious of your health, adding some chia and flax seeds won’t be a big deal. Stir the mixture and enjoy your breakfast.


There’s nothing more delicious in this world than homemade muffins for vegans. The sugary muffins, as easy-essay.org reports, that most people purchase at the store may be tastier but they are going to affect their blood sugar levels sooner or later. The more you consume sugary muffins, the hungrier you get for more. And they are no good for your health.

You should go for muffins that are rich in proteins. And the best way to find such muffins to prepare them at home. Baking you own muffins allows you to add beneficial ingredients like hemp powder, coconut, oats and almond flour as a substitute of refined wheat flour in your recipe. Hemp, coconut and almond have healthy fats which will keep your stomach full for several hours.

Hemp also contains more fiber than most refined wheat flours. Assignment service recommends adding some baking soda to your muffins for them to rise and taste like vegan muffins.

Energy bites

Hemp seeds are normally used when preparing raw energy bites. According to essay writing help, hemp protein is a great choice with one huge benefit: It binds better when compared to hemp seeds due to its flour-like consistency.

It can easily mix with both dairy and non-dairy products such as water or milk. All you need is water or milk, a sweetener, some almond butter, coconut shreds and spices of your choice. Next, stir up the mixture and make small balls with your hands. As ninjaessays reviews reports, with this recipe, you don’t need dried fruit to act as a binder.

Protein Porridge

Protein porridge is quite different from the grain-free cereal we discussed earlier. However, both of them can make a delicious breakfast. You can choose to mix hemp protein with normal grains such as oats or millet. Or you can go for grain-free porridge.

All you need is to do is warm up a cup of almond milk and pour it in a cereal bowl. Next, stir two tablespoons of coconut flour, hemp protein, chia seeds, vanilla and spice of your choice. Keep stirring until the porridge thickens. You can then top it up with your favorite fruit or pumpkin seeds. According to Grade Miners review, using hemp protein is one of the best ways to make the porridge thick and tasty.


Hemp protein powder is one of the best ingredients to use in your recipes. It is tasty and has tones of health benefits that will keep you energized throughout the day. Start preparing these recipes today and see how strong and healthy you’ll become.