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Hemp Facts: 6 Misconceptions Regarding Hemp

Posted by Harmony on

Hemp Facts: 6 Misconceptions Regarding Hemp

Hemp is more than just the hippie version of cotton. 

The plant serves many purposes, from health to clothing, but it might not be common knowledge for most people. 

Don't worry though, we've got your back with hot hemp facts to use around the water cooler.  

Misconception No. 1: Hemp Will Make You Feel High

When people think hemp, they sometimes also think of marijuana. 

While not a completely ridiculous association, to think that they're the same would be wrong.

Do you know the difference between the two?

Hemp and marijuana are derived from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but they have completely different genes. Marijuana plants contain up to 20% of THC while less than 1% is found in Hemp. Hemp is considered non-psychoactive and is not the same as recreational marijuana.

In reality, hemp contains so little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that it is impossible to get high from it. Your body will quickly metabolize the hemp and therefore none of it will remain in your bloodstream for too long to make you feel high at all.

There is another misconception about hemp causing you to fail a drug test, but this claim is false. Only 0.01% THC is found in hemp, so you will not test positive for drugs after consuming it. 

Misconception No. 2: Hemp Is Useless

Did you know that hemp seeds actually contain 30% fat, like nutritious Omega-6 and Omega-3?  

Another one of our important hemp facts: hemp seeds also contain a healthy dose of vitamin E, potassium, and calcium. Consuming hemp seeds can be more beneficial than chowing down on flax seeds or chia seeds! Our list of hemp recipes can also help you easily obtain the benefits of hemp. 

Hemp seeds can also attribute to the production of food items such as milk, protein powders, and other dairy products.

Hemp oil can be used in the production of fuel, ink, dressings, body products, and cosmetics. In fact, we sell our own line of protein powders and butters that contain hemp seeds.

Hemp fibers are also used to produce clothes, shoes, wovens, carpet, and biofuels, so they have multiple uses in various industries. 

Misconception No. 3: Growing Industrial Hemp Is Legal

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, it is a crime to cultivate hemp without certified sites that are growing in accordance with an agricultural pilot program. One must abide by state laws that regulate the cultivation of hemp to ensure that it is managed properly for industrial purposes.


Misconception No. 4: Industrial Hemp Hurts The Economy

In actuality, the industrial hemp industry is on the rise and is helping the economy grow. By legalizing hemp, there will only be more economic prosperity for the industrial hemp industry. Both marijuana and hemp plants can grow together without disrupting each other's economic impact on the recreational marijuana industry. Legalizing it will increase farmers opportunities to reap economic benefits.

Take Home Message

Don't give hemp a bad rap. Hemp is NOT the same as marijuana, even though they are closely related.

Hemp can be extremely beneficial for your health, so consider adding it into your daily life in the form of hemp seeds on top of cereal or blended into smoothies. From oil to to coffee to butter, there's plenty of ways to bring it into your diet. 

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