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Benefits of Hemp Shampoo and Hemp Conditioner

Posted by Holly on

Benefits of Hemp Shampoo and Hemp Conditioner

These days, it is as difficult to choose a hair care product as it is to select a college for babies not yet born. There is so much out there that is just bad, and half of it is the information. With these tips, we can agree that hemp shampoo and conditioner will be as good for us as we need.

Why Wash at All?

There’s a movement underway that advocates a shift away from washing hair with traditional shampoos. The premise behind it is that lather, rinse and repeat will make us look less like Maui and more like those creepy little coconut guys in “Moana.” The ancient Polynesians did not soap up with Pert, and we probably don’t need it either. However, there’s using less, and using none. Using fewer drying, damaging products helps to avoid stripping hair of its natural, protective oils. Not washing at all is just nasty. The good news is that there is a healthy middle ground.

More Good Stuff

The trick is to add the good ingredients while avoiding the ones that suck–moisture out of hair and the scalp. Hemp shampoo has linoleic acid, which is awesome at moisturizing and reducing inflammation. Using a natural shampoo is a little different than the mainstream products easily found at Walmart. They tend to lather a bit less, which encourages users to take a smaller amount and focus on the scalp (where most of the gross buildup of grease and dirt happens anyway). Natural oils return the moisture to the hair and discourage conditions like dry scalp.

Less Bad Stuff

Good, healthy ingredients can only do so much. To really make a difference in hair, we also have to commit to avoiding some of the creepy additives that make shampoo and conditioner much worse for the body. We already know that fragrances and parabens are a mess, but even some natural ingredients like kelp are suspect. Remember the creepy girl from “The Ring” outside the well? Do you want hair like that? Well water often contains traces of heavier metals, and kelp does too. People who wouldn’t bathe in mercury would do well to avoid watching “The Ring” and using conditioner with kelp. Fortunately, hemp conditioner is free of kelp, but has plenty of awesome fats to condition hair and leave it feeling silky.

Wash or not wash? The frequency is up to us to decide. With hemp conditioner and shampoo, we have the goods to make hair strong and soft, without all the yucky stuff on the side.

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